"The ground work of all happiness is good health"

- James Leigh Hunt -

Using science-based evidence, Marisa from UltiVita Health provides tailored nutritional and lifestyle programmes to support you on your journey back to optimal health. Each programme is designed with a person’s biochemical individuality taken into consideration and works on a whole systems-based approach. Marisa encourages people to empower themselves through the education she supplies them with and to take the lead in their own recovery.

By being thorough from the start to uncover imbalances which may be at the root cause of your condition, she then, through the use of nutritional and lifestyle interventions, aims to restore balance to all systems in your body. Merely addressing symptoms is not the resolution to achieving optimal wellbeing.

Marisa holds a BSc degree in Microbiology and Genetics as well as a 3-year diploma in nutritional therapy and is a registered Nutritional Therapist. She believes in keeping her knowledge current to best serve her clients by continuing her studies and recently completed courses in nutrigenomics and functional blood chemistry analysis. She is currently undertaking studies in foundations of integrative oncology. She has an implicit understanding of how long-term underlying metabolic imbalances and chronic infections leads to changes in gene expression and as such has a deep desire to improve client outcomes through prevention and early intervention using functional assessments.

Marisa’s clients range from auto-immunity, hormone related conditions, gut related conditions, chronic low energy and those that have had or are currently undergoing cancer treatment.

To establish if Nutritional Therapy is appropriate for your condition, please book a free 15 minute discovery call with Marisa.

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