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About your consultation

All consultations are remote, and a dedicated video link (via Zoom) and password will be sent to you in advance of your consultation.
An initial consultation typically lasts around 90 minutes and is carried out via a secure Zoom consultation.

Once you have booked your consultation you will be sent a confirmation email along with a health assessment questionnaire, plus a food and lifestyle diary to complete. This allows us to maximise your consultation and if you are unsure about any of the questions then these can be discussed during the consultation. Please ensure you send these forms back at least 48 hours before your consultation together with any additional information you may have, such as any test results from the last 2 months. The consultation is completely confidential and gives us an opportunity to discuss your main symptom/s in addition to medical history, food intake and lifestyle choices allowing me to gain an understanding of your current health status. We will then jointly agree on a bespoke plan which will be based around dietary changes, lifestyle modifications and supplementation for you to follow at home.


You will receive a copy of your plan within 36 hours after your consultation.

Follow-up consultations are highly recommended as it gives us an opportunity to assess your progress, any changes in your symptom/s to make any required adjustments to your plan. These 45-minute consultations are usually booked for 4-6 weeks later, subject to your individual situation. During the time between your first consultation and your follow up consultation, I would encourage you to keep a note of all the questions you would like us to follow up on, alternatively, these can be emailed to me as one email prior to the follow up consultation.

If you wish to purchase functional testing alone without a full health assessment consultation, I recommend booking a 30-minute report of findings consultation for a professional interpretation of the results as well as a guide of a required future plan.

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