Vitamin Injections


Also known as vitamin H, Biotin helps the body process energy and improves the health of your hair, skin and nails. Biotin supplementation has been scientifically shown to be beneficial for seborrheic dermatitis, multiple sclerosis and for supporting healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Treatment plan (loading): - 1 injection per week for 8 weeks

Maintenance plan: - 1 injection monthly

Injection site: - Deltoid muscle (top of the arm)

Price per session: - £40
Course for 8 injections loading plan: £288 (paid in full)


Contains (B1/B2/B3/B5/B6/B12/biotin/choline inositol)

Offers a number of health benefits including;
• Boosting energy
• Combatting stress and anxiety
• Aiding with sleep
• Promoting wound healing
• Aiding with weightloss

Treatment plan: - 1 injection every 3-4 weeks

Injection site – Deltoid muscle
Price per session: - £45

Vitamin B12

Involved in energy production in the body therefore B12 injections can improve energy levels and decrease fatigue. It is also essential for mood regulating neurotransmitters in brain.

Treatment plan (pernicious anaemia - loading): - 1 injection every 2nd day for 7 days then 1 injection every 4 days for 1 month and then 1 injection monthly.

Treatment plan (other - loading): - 1 injection per week for 5 weeks then 2 week break and continue with second round of 1 injection for 5 weeks (max 12 weeks)

Maintenance: - 1 injection at variable intervals (client dependent)

Injection site: - Deltoid muscle
Price per session: - £25 (Hydroxy) or £30 (Methyl)
Course of 5 (Paid in full): - £112.50 (Hydroxy) or £135 (Methyl)

Vitamin C

Required for limiting the damaging effects of free radicals through it’s antioxidant activity. It is also essential for the biosynthesis of collagen.

Treatment plan: - 1 injection every 4 weeks

Injection site: - Gluteus Medius

Cost per session: - £40

Vitamin D

finger prick test recommended prior to injections

Several benefits of vitamin D include;
• Supporting immune, brain, nervous system health
• Regulating insulin levels and supporting diabetes management
• Supporting lung function and cardiovascular health
• Promoting healthy bones and teeth

Treatment plan (D3): - 1 injection every 6-8 weeks

Treatment plan (D2): - 1 injection every 3-6 months

Injection site: - Gluteus Medius
Cost per session: - £55


Antioxidant wellness injection or push

One of the most important detoxifying elements found naturally in our body. A glutathione injection/push provides a host of remedial benefits for the skin and body. Use for detoxifying effect and to increase energy.

Treatment plan (injection – loading): - 1 injection twice per week for 1 month

Treatment plan (push): - 1 IV push per week for 12 weeks maximum

Maintenance: - 1 IV push or injection per month

Injection site: - Gluteus Medius

Cost per session (push): - £65 or £50 as add on to infusion

Cost per session (injection): - £50

Course of 8 injections: - £360 (paid in full)

To enhance benefits of detoxification an injection or push can be coupled with a sauna session

Vitamin IVs

3 drip package (-10%) for upfront payment only
6 drip package (-15%) for upfront payment only
Duration: 1h- 1h 15 mins

Ultimate Detoxification

(Vitamin C 15g and glutathione push 1200mg) - £265

Supports detoxification from heavy metals and other toxins. Additional Benefits for anti-ageing, increased energy, improved skin.

Treatment Plan: 1 x treatment per week for 4 weeks, then 1 x treatment per fortnight for one month, then switch to maintenance plan of 1 treatment per month

You may choose to combine this with the Far Infrared Sauna for enhanced detoxification benefits



IV vitamin drip that supports physical wellness and aspects of emotional wellness by giving your body the tools it needs to stay in its' best condition. Created with the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals for your overall wellbeing. This drip will support increased levels of energy and endurance.

1 per week for max of 12 weeks



Includes a blend of IV fluids formulated for quick hydration leaving you feeling revitalised and refreshed.

1 per week for max of 12 weeks

Anti-ageing support


The nutrients in this drip restore collagen, stimulate elastin production, brighten your skin, evens out your skin tone as well as hydrates your all your cells.

1 per week for max of 12 weeks

Sports performance/weightloss support

A nutrient drip packed with energy-boosting vitamins that enhance and boost your performance naturally while improving recovery times. It also aids in increasing the metabolism supporting body fat burning.

1 per week for max of 12 weeks

Vitamin C and add ons

Vitamin C – 8g - £125
Vitamin C – 15g - £175
600mg glutathione push add on - £50


Please Note

➢A 30-minute consultation is required prior to your initial IVNT session. The cost of this is £60, but this can be redeemed against the cost of further IVNT sessions.

➢ It is recommended that you stay for 30 minutes once the drip has finished for monitoring purposes, but if desired a disclaimer can be signed to leave early

➢ It is also recommended to have blood tests completed prior to your initial IV nutrient therapy session to include Full Blood Count, Kidney Function, Liver Function, and G6PD, to ensure adequate organ function and ability to tolerate high doses of nutrients. If you have had these done in the last six months we can use these results, otherwise a private blood test can be easily arranged. G6PD must be tested prior to your first vitamin C infusion of 15g.

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